Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teams Are Moving In!

The teams are moving in to Cape May for the World Series of Birding now and there's a definite buzz of excitement in the air. With more birders in town, there's more sightings coming in, so be sure to stop by the Northwood Center to find out the latest news. Don't forget we have a 'Swap-Meet' at our center at Goshen on Route 47, 7-9PM this evening for teams to exchange news and to find out where those tricky species are hiding - so do come along if you want the latest updates.

A report from Jay McGowan of a White-faced Ibis at the end of Stipson Island Road, just inside the western border of Cape May County on the Delaware Bayshore, on Wednesday wasn't followed up with further reports, but it may still be around; Curlew Sandpiper reports come in daily from Heislerville impoundments on high tides - at least two different birds there it seems; a group of Common Eider was reported off Sea Isle City today and - perhaps most surprising of all - I was shown a photograph today of a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, seen by the Plover Ponds at 5PM Wednesday night! Though there's been a long gap in the reports, it does seem as though this may well be the same bird still hanging out back in there some where.

As May moves on, a trickle of nice migrants continues to arrive at the point, despite the annoyingly nice (!!) weather which remains warm and settled and is condusive to onward flight. The Northwood Center this afternoon had perched Common Nighthawk and a nice selection of songbirds that included Northern Waterthrush, American Redstart, Northern Parula and Blue-headed Vireo.

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