Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Black-headed Gull, King Eider, Great Egret

[A late February Great Egret, like this one this morning on Kimble's Beach Road, is gray in terms of origin. They sometimes do arrive in late February, though most years they begin trickling in in March. If this one survived the winter, well, it's a survivor.]

The Black-headed Gull (s) continue, with the latest report coming from Bob Fogg at Sunset Beach this morning. Chris Hajduk reports the immature male King Eider continues at Poverty Beach, and Great Cormorants are really prettying up.

It's gonna snow again. . .sigh. It almost started feeling like spring, with woodcock calling, Mourning Doves and Northern Cardinals singing, and the Great Egret, which I'm thinking of as an arriving bird, mainly because that's what I want. Its breeding plumes looked in pretty good shape for a bird that went through two blizzards.

Scott Whittle's March Photography Workshop filled, but we're adding a second session April 10-11, call CMBO 609.861.0700 to register. The Gull Workshop this Saturday also has a few spaces open - and a Black-headed Gull on the agenda, though we'll spend more time simply learning, really learning, the common gulls (as opposed to Common Gulls with capital letters, the European version of Mew Gull!)

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