Friday, February 5, 2010

Razorbills, Rail and Cranes

[The two Sandhill Cranes continue along Seashore Road/Broadway on Cape Island, photographed here by Joe Brennan.]

Michael O'Brien, on his way back from Florida's Space Coast Birding festival, had 5 Razorbills from the Cape May Lewes Ferry today, 2 in NJ waters.

Bob Brown gave me a call to report the Virginia Rail still at the Beanery this morning, along with a few Rusty Blackbirds. Bob had the cranes on Seashore a bit south of the mailbox with 1062 on it.

Chris Hajduk reports from the Poverty Beach area: "Double digits of both loons, Red-breasted Mergansers, Long-tails, Bufflehead, and Great Cormorants. The King Eider is still present and is actually closer to Poverty. Still a long scope though. No Harlequins. Long-tailed Ducks are calling and displaying in Cape May Harbor. Buffleheads doing their bobbing and weaving also. Actually experienced two new things today. Heard the call of a Red-throated Loon several times (the ocean is quiet today). Also saw two Common Loons in a confrontation. Mostly posturing with wings spread, neck arched up with head pointed down. One eventually dove and swam away."

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