Monday, February 15, 2010

Tales of a Snow-covered Marsh

[Female Northern Harrier hunting along Turkey Point Road, near Dividing Creek in Cumberland County on Sunday. The marsh, though lovely, is eerily silent compared to easier times. Click to enlarge.]

The undoubted highlight of CMBO's Wintering Hawks, Eagles and Owls Workshop, day 2, was the Long-eared Owl that flew over the group along Turkey Point Road at dusk and proceeded to perch on the edge of the marsh for a silhouette view - one with long ears! A Great-horned also came to the marsh edge, and the world's toughest Virginia Rail bellowed its "stuck pig" call several times as darkness fell.

With everything concentrated along the roadsides, the landbirding was pretty incredible in the Turkey Point Area- over 20 Hermit Thrushes for example. We managed one each of Cooper's Hawk, Peregrine and Merlin, and many Bald Eagles. The full list is up on Field Trip Reports.

Other Field Trip highlights included reports from Cape May Point Saturday, the long list from Longtails in Love on Saturday, and the first Sunday Morning Turkey Point Walk.

A Golden Eagle was seen from Turkey Point on Sunday morning by several different observers at various times.

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