Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hopes of Spring?

Just a couple of quick snippets to keep you all going; news reached me late yesterday of an Osprey, seen fishing the creek near CMBO's Center for Research and Education on Route 47 just north of Goshen. The bird was found by Dale Rosselet and later seen by Will Kerling. It's always difficult - if not impossible - to work out what such out-of-season birds are up to. Has this bird been wintering well north of traditional wintering grounds, or has it somehow picked up early spring fever and decided to head north to be first back at a prime breeding site?

Another nice report that came through by way of a phone call from Loralea Kirby late yesterday, involves a Dickcissel which Loralea photographed at her yard feeder. A nice find of a bird that should be wintering well south of New Jersey, in southern Mexico or northern South America. I bet he's feeling the cold! Loralea lives in Little Egg Harbor in Ocean County, so wherever you are, it always pays to expect the unexpected!

Dickcissel at Little Egg Harbor, Courtesy of Loralea Kirby.

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