Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ivory Gull Remembered

Wanted: Ivory Gull remembrances. More specifically, we're looking for 1) a birder less than 18 years old who came to see the Ivory Gull last November, and 2) a birder of any age who traveled a long distance from out of state (or country) to see it. Both are invited to join a small cadre of noteable observers to write a ~ 500 word essay on the bird and the impact it had on the writer and in general. The resulting works will be published in the Peregrine Observer, CMBO's annual journal for members, beginning with an interview with Jim Dowdell, who discovered the bird, and including a selection of Ivory Gull photos.

Anyone meeting one of the above criteria who is interested in contributing, or who knows a likely candidate, please send an email by clicking the link at the top of this page for reporting sightings. Initially please just let us know you are interested and offer a bit of information on what you might say. Since we have no idea how many people may respond, please don't be disappointed if we are unable to use your thoughts.

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