Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From Now On, It's All About The Weather...

Everybody's scouting... Looks like the local Canada Geese are planning on a World Series of Birding team this year. I caught this guy scouting from a great vantage point at The Beanery - probably hoping that the Mississippi Kite is still around! [Photo by Mike Crewe].

Countdown to World Series, three more days to go and already it's all about the weather. David LaPuma has posted a forecast for the next few days, through to the weekend so I suggest taking a good look at David's website (Click Here). Looks like we need to keep fingers and everything else crossed. Rain, associated with a front, should be passing through our area over the next couple of days, with south-east winds predominating and not boding well for an arrival of birds. However, I checked out The Weather Channel website and it looks as though we could have a south-westerly air flow for Saturday - which would be fabulous, but it depends when exactly it gets started (Friday night would be good!).

The Weather Channel's web map for Saturday looks promising, with winds from the south-west. Go to http://www.weather.com/ for up-to-date information.

A heavy storm is a-brewing to the west! Hopefully the worst of the thundery weather will stay inland of Cape May and allow the scouting parties to get out in the field [photo by Mike Crewe].

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