Monday, May 17, 2010

Yes, We Are Still Here!!!

In case you hadn't realised, we just ran the 27th World Series of Birding. Yes, 27 years this worthy event has been running, and raising money for conservation, research and education programs. As you can imagine, organising and running such an event is pretty labor-intensive, but we're back now and settling back into our routine of keeping you informed on birds and birding around Cape May!

So to keep you ticking over, here's some pictures that Karl Lukens sent me over the last couple of days - thanks Karl for finding the time!

This Roseate Tern on the stone jetty off Coral Avenue at Cape May Point was originally found by Michael O'Brien, but didn't stay long enough to make it onto World Series lists. Note the all black bill, rosy tint (just!) to the chest and very long tail streamers.

Orchard Oriole in Black Cherry. These smart, mahogany-coloured icterids are pretty easy to see along New England Road at the moment, and especially at Hidden Valley.

Now is a good time to scope the backbay marshes of Cape May for singing Seaside Sparrows. Try Nummy's Island or the saltmarshes along Ocean Drive between Cape May and Wildwood.

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