Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clapper time!!

Now is a great time to take to the water and look for Clapper Rails, and where better place to do that than in the back bays of Cape May County. Clapper Rails are probably one of the commonest non-passerine bird species in Cape May County - yet how often do you see them? They are out there, but they are good at hiding in the vast acres of saltmarsh that we have - not for nothing are they known locally as Mud Hens!

How best to see one? Well, check out the CMBO activities calendar for our boat trip sailings with The Skimmer and The Osprey and take your binoculars for a ride on the water with us!

These photos of young Clapper Rails were taken during a recent boat trip on The Osprey. While views like this are never guaranteed, you certainly have a very good chance of seeing these birds right now [photos by Bob Lubberman/Birding by Boat]