Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Black-headed Gull, Green Heron, Cackling Goose, etc.

[Lingering Glossy Ibis on Lily Lake yesterday. Photo by Karl Lukens, click to enlarge.]

Today marks the last day of the Avalon Seawatch for the 2009 season, and fittingly enough, swing counter Doug Gochfeld found an adult Black-headed Gull there shortly after 9:30am. The bird has reportedly hung around in the time since, with Tony Leukering last confirming its presence at 12:15pm.

In other news, Mike Crewe located a Green Heron on Lily Lake yesterday, adding to the impressive collection of birds seen there over the past few days. There really aren't too many winter records for Green Heron in these parts, with perhaps two or three (at most) in the past decade. Karl Lukens again reported a Glossy Ibis at the lake, along with a newly-arrived Eurasian Wigeon, this one an adult male.

Other reports indicate that the Cackling Goose continues at the corner of Shunpike Road and Stimpson Lane in West Cape May, and that 18 Tundra Swans were at Tuckahoe WMA yesterday.

Also in the realm of Tundra Swans, a correction: I mentioned a report of "a dozen" Tundras on Bunker Pond Sunday. There were actually "half a dozen" ... apologies for any confusion.

[Adult male Eurasian Wigeon on Lily Lake yesterday.
Photo by Karl Lukens, click to enlarge.