Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Can Almost Bank On It!

I hadn't heard any news at all this morning on the Ivory Gull and I had to do a bank run for the store lunch time so, with the Bree-Zee Lee Marina being just 2 miles from the bank (what a well adjusted place this is!) I took a quick scout and can confirm that the Ivory Gull is still relaxing around the marina - with no-one watching it! If you've not been yet, come on down, we'll keep you posted on the bird. Also in the harbor, a brief scan revealed a female Bufflehead and three adult male Long-tailed Ducks.

On the way back to the store, I took in 2nd Avenue Jetty and noticed that nine Black Skimmers seem to be threatening to spend the winter with us. They're hanging out on the beach with the main gull flock there.

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