Friday, December 4, 2009

Ivory Gull Map and How to use Twitter

[Here's the map for finding the Ivory Gull. Click to enlarge. Take the Garden State Parkway south to the end, and turn left at the light before the big bridge over the Cape May Canal onto Ocean Drive. The Ivory Gull is at the Breezee Lee Marina, top right on the map above. There is a big sign for the marina on Ocean Drive, on the right if headed east. On entering the marina, drive slowly, bear right and go as far as you can, to the area of the fish cleaning dock. Park sensibly and tight to leave room for fishermen and other birders. The bird courses around the marina, dipping into the water for food, and sometimes feeds on fish carcasses at birders' feet.]

A number of people have asked for help using Twitter, so I put together a user's guide :
Twitter with cmbobirds.pdf

The .pdf explains how to get texts to your phone, which you don't have to do to access cmbobirds tweets. The page is updated as soon as tweets are sent.

Because I can update Twitter with my phone, it is the first place that gets updated, generally at least once a day and normally as soon as the Ivory Gull (or other rare bird) is reported. However, Twitter limits you to 140 characters, so for full details and information on not-super-rare birds, continue to check this site.

Another great site to check for Cape May bird info is, created by Bob Fogg.

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