Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter magic!

As if it needed any more coverage, Lily Lake made a name for itself by drawing another main attraction today - a Sandhill Crane. First reported by Vince Elia over Seashore Road, what was surely the same bird homed in on Lily Lake a short while later and Doug Gochfeld was there to see it drop down into the water! Eventually it had second thoughts and was soon standing out on the ice. I gather that it was later seen being checked out by a Short-eared Owl. The Glossy Ibis and at least two Eurasian Wigeons continue on Lily Lake. A Sandhill Crane was initially reported from North Cape May on December 20th by Richard Crossley so maybe this bird has been hanging out in the area for a few days now.

At Cape May Point State Park this lunch time, at least six Tundra Swans were on Bunker Pond and an American Tree Sparrow was a nice find by the burn pile at the back of the beach (look for it with a loose flock of Song and Savannah Sparrows). At least four Horned Larks were on the beach by the bunker.

Sandhill Crane having a good old shake on Lily Lake

Tundra Swan on Bunker Pond today.

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