Thursday, December 2, 2010

White-winged Dove!

White-winged Dove at the Northwood Center - it missed the rarity round-up by several days unfortunately! [Photo by Mike Crewe]

A White-winged Dove put in an all-too-brief appearance at the CMBO Northwood Center feeder just before 3PM this afternoon, but all the birds scattered thanks to a (presumed) raptor presence before all but the finders had seen it. However, it's gotta be somewhere, so keep an eye out amongst those Mourning Doves!

This morning, some visitors to the Northwood Center asked if I knew of any Black Skimmers in the area which made me realise that it was getting very late for these birds and I hadn't seen one for a while. I suggested 2nd Avenue Jetty, along Beach Avenue, to them as a good place to check. At lunchtime I decided to follow up my own suggestion and I hope they got lucky, because there was a lone Black Skimmer - let's hope it heads off south to warmer climes soon!

First-winter Black Skimmer at 2nd Avenue today [Photo by Mike Crewe]

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