Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The art of seabirds

Our last post featured photos of some of the seabirds that are hanging out in our offshore waters right now and several comments posted to facebook and the NJ birds list serve suggest that there may be a number of folks interested in taking a similar trip to the one that we enjoyed on Monday. While birds can, of course, never be guaranteed, high summer can certainly be an interesting time out there so it seems to me that, if there is enough interest, we may well look at arranging some short trips offshore to see what we can find. If you are looking to get good numbers of birds and a relatively high chance of seeing something really good, then we suggest you consider some of the established companies such as our friends at See Life Paulagics, who have a well structured calendar of trips further offshore to the edge of the Continental Shelf. But our experience on Monday showed that there are certainly birds of interest closer to land and there may be future opportunities to enjoy them with fellow birders.

So, if you are interested in enjoying the company of a few seabirds with a small, like-minded group of folks, email us and let us know and we'll see what the possibilities might be. If nothing else, the experience of photographing seabirds at close quarters, in their own habitat offers some wonderful artistic opportunities - as a tempter, here's a photo gallery from Monday that is a blatant piece of oneupmanship.

Sometimes you don't want your birds as scientific entities to be identified to the species level. You just want lasting memories of that moment in time that you shared space with them, in their world.


Just for a moment; just you, and a wisp of life....