Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Meadows Walk Photos

 [Karl's Savannah Sparrow photo shows the clean face pattern and yellow supraloral area (area in front of and slightly higher than the eye), features that distinguish it from the grayer faced Song Sparrow.  This Savannah lacks a central breast spot, also helping rule out Song, but don't count on that mark, since Savannahs and other sparrows can show the central spot.]
[This Clapper Rail was out of habitat, since the meadows are freshwater and Clappers are saltwater birds. The overall drabness is good for Clapper, but if you're not sure, the best view to clinch the i.d. is the back/scapulars, which on Clapper are overall gray (brown feathers with gray edges), while the back of King is brighter and more obviously streaked, with dark centered feathers edged with tawny brown. Photo by Karl Lukens.]

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