Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breakfast Specials

Today's good birds started appearing before some of us had even had breakfast, then continued on the ride to work! Here's a couple of pictures of this morning's breakfast specials...

Tom Reed reported this Cattle Egret, which is feeding on worms on the edge of flood water at the Presbyterian church, right on the roadside at the junction of Seashore and Academy Roads in Cold Spring (Seashore Road is Route 626 which runs north over the canal from West Cape May). [Pic. Mike Crewe]

Not a great picture on a dull, gray morning, but the first Purple Martins of the year here at Cape May. Two of three that were sitting on wires at the corner of Bayshore Road and Stimpson Lane on my drive to work this morning. [Pic Mike Crewe]

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