Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rare and Spectacular

[Juv. Northern Harriers display warm buff-brown tones, like this one in front of the hawkwatch Sunday. Note the owly face.]

In the rare department, Dave Hedeen reported an Eurasian Collared-dove flying from Lily Lake to Pavilion Circle today. In the spectacle department, Tony Leukering noted a big departure of Great Blue Herons from Cape May, happening as I write. Chuck Slugg et. al. had 4 Marbled Godwits from Two Mile Landing during a quite productive CMBO Birding-EZ walk there, one with enough raptors (thanks to the west wind) to make me eager to see today's hawk watch totals. Vince Elia detected a lingering Canada Warbler at Higbee Beach WMA.

The latest forecast has a cold front clearing Cape May Thursday night, which should mean good birding for Friday, and northwest winds are forecast right through the weekend. It's supposed to be northwest at 9-10 mph Saturday night. . .hmm, perhaps and owl or two and some more heron movement?

There's nothing precluding at least some migration or good birding between now and then, indeed, the wind is supposed to be northwest overnight and have a west component for the next few days.

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