Monday, January 17, 2011

A Cold But Busy Weekend

It remains pretty chilly at Cape May with the weekend's blue skies having given way to gray and overcast weather, but there's plenty of birds out there to tempt us all out into the field. Don did a good job summing up the highlights of the weekend locally, to which I would add the results of our two-day Winter Specialties Workshop, which I have just posted on our Field Trip Reports page. It was good to have an excuse to make a winter trip up to the top end of the county, somewhere I don't get too often and it's a fair bet that there's plenty of good birds lurking up there and still waiting to be found. In particular, such birds as American Tree Sparrows and Tundra Swans are there to be enjoyed and there should surely be the odd Golden Eagle or Rough-legged Hawk to be found!!

The week has so far started pretty quietly, but Karl Lukens just sent me this great shot of the female Redhead that has variously been reported from the state park and the meadows at Cape May Point.

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