Monday, January 3, 2011

Le Conte's Sparrow (s) Continue

[Thanks largely to the ambition and enthusiasm of Dave La Puma and Tom Reed, we made the drive up to Cumberland County this morning  and found the Le Conte's Sparrow (s) at Dix WMA, in the location described below. Several other birders were there to help track the birds down. The one  pictured we saw well; we flushed and glimpsed another, and heard what may have been the third. Click to enlarge.]

 An aside to the Le Conte's Sparrows: the Cohansey drainage, out of the way as it is, is one of the least birded great locations in New Jersey. I've worked the area for the annual winter eagle survey for the past two years, and besides abundant Snow Geese and eagles, it hosts an array of wintering waterfowl plus goodies like pipits, other wintering raptors including reliable Short-eared Owls, Horned Larks, and who knows what else. . .like fancy sparrows, for example.

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