Sunday, November 14, 2010

Three of Our Own

Presumably many readers are members of the ABA - that's the American Birding Association, of course - and therefore have received, or will soon receive the November, 2010 issue of Birding. If you're not an ABA member (and if you are reading this blog you should be a member of ABA as well as CMBO), you can read about the next issue on the multi-authored ABA Blog , and therefore about two Cape May'ers. One you already know, through this blog - just scroll down to Tony Leukering's latest great post on recent cool birds in Cape May, with photos. Tony's Birding article deals with large white-headed gulls, and as Ted Floyd puts it, "Tony cuts to the chase, proposes a simple idea, and leaves the rest to the reader. And if you are one of the handful of authentic larophiles out there, listen up: It is possible, as Tony demonstrates, to get an idea across without laborious treatises on tertial fringes and primary “mirrors”—whatever those are."

You don't have to look too long at the November Birding to find the other Cape May'er - Louise Zemaitis created the Savannah Sparrow art for the cover! Everyone knows Louise, or should - whether via the Monarch Migration Project, a VENT tour, or a CMBO workshop.

And finally, near native (formerly just across the bay, now off to Colorado) Jeff Gordon recently assumed the presidency of ABA - one more reason to join, 'cause with Jeff at the helm, it's going to be good!

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