Friday, November 5, 2010

White-tailed Kite Re-found and Confirmed

Tom Reed just texted that he is looking at the White-tailed Kite right now.  Laurie Larson sent the following to the the NJBIRDS listserve:

"I've just gotten news from several sources, that a group of birders has re-found the White-tailed Kite at Barnegat, NJ. It was seen perched and in flight, and the identity confirmed. It still present at last report.

"Note this at is the inland town of Barnegat, not Barnegat Light, and not Brigantine NWR.

"Here's the link again for the google map:,-74.191661&spn=0.012735,0.013003&z=16

"Thanks to Scott Barnes, Fred Lesser and Vince Elia for news.

Laurie Larson"

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