Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day You Just Wouldn't Believe!

[Even this Red-breasted Nuthatch couldn't believe the reports and flung himself from his perch. Belleplain State Forest this morning, click to enlarge.]

It started benignly enough - Yellow-throated Warbler arrived, and good seabird concentrations were visible around Cape May Point. Just a typical good April day in Cape May.

But Dave La Puma called it on his woodcreeper web site when he wrote early this morning, "Now THAT’S what we call an “uncorking” of the migration bottleneck!"

It's been said that, given enough time, every North American bird species will appear in Cape May. Perhaps we should expand that prediction to every bird in the world. And imagine, it's only April 1. . . what wonders await?

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